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Why Is Quartz the Right Choice for Your Home’s Countertops?

Uncategorized / August 16, 2021

Homeowners have unlimited options of quartz countertops to choose from in Calgary. Quartz countertops will offer beauty and luxury to your house. However, quartz isn’t entirely natural, which is why its utility is to construct countertops. Let us learn some more exciting facts about quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops produced by combining a small number of polymer resins with pulverized quartz result in a remarkably long-lasting, sleek-looking surface with a wide range of styles to pick up from. Here are a few reasons why this material sets the bar for today’s and tomorrow’s countertops.

Hardness Redefined

One of the most impressive benefits of using quartz countertops in Edmonton is their durability. Quartz is among the hardest minerals you can ever find. However, its hardness is twice that of granite, making it an excellent choice for kitchen surfaces.

  • Quartz countertops are low-maintenance, high-performing, and add a modern, premium aesthetic look to any kitchen.
  • Quartz is made in a factory, unlike all other natural stones that are mined.
  • The quartz is crushed and then blended with pigments to give it color before being bonded with resin adhesives under high pressure and heat to make a solid sculpture.

One can also add recycled glass or metallic flecks to the mix for a glittering, eye-catching pattern. The manufacturing process has advanced to the point where it can now create swirls, veining, and color variations indistinguishable in appearance from natural stone. After curing the material, it is polished using various procedures to provide a matte or glossy surface.

Engineered for Strength and Beauty

Our quartz surfaces are made from high-quality polyester resins and pigments, resulting in a long-lasting, elegant, and low-maintenance material. In addition, our cutting-edge production facility employs unique technologies to create the ideal blend of long-term durability and natural beauty.

Unlimited Varieties

We have quartz crystals of all sizes, kinds, and colors from all over the world to precisely recreate the tones seen in nature. As a result, our designs look just like long vein natural granite or marble using our superior technologies.
Quartz can also be embellished with mirrors, colored glass, mother-of-pearl, or semi-precious stones like amethyst or lapis lazuli to create unique designs.

Our quartz surfaces are stain-resistant, non-porous, and never need to be polished or sealed, making them simple to clean and maintain with just water and mild soap.

Our materials are also heat and scratch-resistant, ensuring that they will last for years. Quartz is also bacteria-resistant and eco-friendly to give you peace of mind.

Quartz Has Endless Design Possibilities

You would most likely have a vision in mind for your home or its overall design. The good news is that quartz can be tailored to meet your design preferences.

Unlike other materials, natural stones have a brilliant beauty but are restricted by what is accessible. That is what distinguishes quartz from other minerals. Engineered quartz can be tailor-made to fit your specific design requirements anytime. And you can select a quartz slab that resembles a natural slab.

If you are willing to get hold of the best-in-class quartz countertops in Red Deer, feel free to reach out to Dittmar Stone and Tile at 403-783-9741.

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