Natural Stone

If you are interested in green building materials that have minimal impact on the environment and won’t harm the quality of the air within your home then natural stone meet both of these standards.

Granite, marble, slate and sandstone surfaces are mined from solid rock. The hunks of stone are sawn into slabs using diamond-tipped blades and are often polished. There is little else done in the manufacturing process. The amount of energy used to craft stone countertops is far less than used in the production of laminates and engineered stone. Relatively few carbon emissions are produced in the process.

Natural stone countertops may be the last countertops you ever need. Their average lifespan is 30+ years, and even then, they may be changed du to the changing tases of homeowners rather than because they are not in good condition.


Quartzite composite is a man-made rock that is blended with 93 percent pure quartz with resin and dyes. Advanced manufacturing processes give rise to a very homogeneous and hard material. The specific properties of the quartz composite are similar to those of granite except for heat resistance.


Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen counter tops, floors and other heavily used surfaces. Granite and granite-like rocks are plutonic rocks that were formed more than 500 to 800 million years ago. Granites are characterized by their extremely high hardness.
They are scratch-, acid-, and heat resistant and easy to clean. Depending on the variety, the surface structures will show different porosity and will be more or less shiny. Pores and inclusions are typical for granite. Granite is ideal for the growing demand of hard surface counter tops. We offer polished, brushed, flamed/brushed and sandblasted/brushed as well as honed/satin surface finishes.

Marble, Limestone & Travertine

The gentle and pleasant mediterranean appearance of Marble, Limestone & Travertine is based on its fossil origin. Veins, cracks or open spots are considered typical for this wanted antique surface. A special sealer and repetitive cleaning and maintenance with a specially formulated cleaner will help to protect the stone from staining. However, Marble, Limestone & Travertine are sensitive towards some liquids that occur in every household. Fruit acids, vinegar, wine etc. should be cleaned up immediately. The patina and wear, the counter tops will show after a while, will give the surface a special antique Mediterranean character.

Dittmar Stone & Tile