Our Story

We understand that every project is as individual as our customers, and we are dedicated to creating custom spaces that are comfortable, functional and inviting. Working closely with our clients, we provide a full-service and hands on approach, taking their projects from concept to reality in a smooth, efficient process.

Who We Are

Proudly serving all of Alberta, we are a family owned and run enterprise of 6, with a combined 50+ years of industry experience. We take great pride in having a strong team with a wide range of skills, expertise and a true passion for our work.

We provide quality craftsmanship, excellent value, and an extraordinary customer experience...we aren’t satisfied until you are.

Melanie and Christoph Dittmar

"I was fascinated by a trade that combines the preservation of historic buildings and realizing most modern architecture and design by using ancient and modern technologies."
Christoph Dittmar

Christoph, a European certified engineer in stone masonry was trained at Städtische Fachschule für Steintechnik / Meisterschule für das Steinmetz- und Steinbildhauerhandwerk; a technical university for master stone masonry and stone carving located in Munich, Germany. This Master Craftsman certification inspired Melanie and Christoph to immigrate to Canada in 2006, and provide Albertans with the quality workmanship that they are now known for.

This expertise has led to designing entire spaces for their clients so the whole process is streamlined, without the potential hiccups that come with multiple companies and trades. Working closely with their clients, they approach each project with thoughtful planning and consideration, and have built a strong reputation for quality and excellent service.

"A job is not finished until the client is satisfied."
Melanie Dittmar

Melanie and Christoph’s philosophy is to foster genuine relationships with their customers, so they can truly personalize the design process to fit each unique need and expectation. They don’t just supply products; they provide end-to-end lifestyle solutions.

This importance of connection is reflected in their commitment to giving back to the communities they serve; Melanie and Christoph stay active in various associations and clubs within their hometown.

Certifications, Education and Memberships

1994-1997: Apprentice as stone mason and stone sculptor (Germany)

2003-2005: Master craftsman diploma as stone mason and stone sculptor, and certified for natural stone engineering

Dekton certified 2020

Laminam certified 2020

Member, Ponoka Chamber of Commerce

Ponoka Soccer Association - Volunteer coach

Supporting Ponoka Junior Golf program

Licensed Dry-Treat Applicator

Dittmar Stone & Tile