9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Heated Countertops

9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Heated Countertops

Countertops / October 8, 2021

Floor heating, seat warmers, heated towel racks, and even steering wheel heating are all things you’ve probably heard of. What about Kitchen countertops in Red Deer, Canada?

Heated countertops are one of the year’s most popular technologies, and they will be bought more and more as the weather gets colder. Granite countertops in Calgary are the top luxury items that are being installed in new homes and even on existing kitchen countertops.

Here are nine reasons why homeowners opt for this innovative technology in their kitchens or offices:

Cool to the TouchStone for Countertops

You’ve probably noticed how cold granite or quartz countertops in Red Deer feel against your skin if you have ever rested your arms on it. The reason for this is that the stone’s surface absorbs heat from the skin rapidly, sending a signal to the brain that the surface is too cold to touch. The heat from beneath your stone countertop reduces the initial shock and produces a much more pleasant environment for your body parts that touch it.

No Change in Your Electric Bill

Unlike floor heating, the heated countertop uses less energy and is cost-effective at about $0.15 per day of expense. Thus, making it convenient and affordable.

Simply Heat the Areas That You Frequently Touch

The idea that heated countertops warm up the entire surface is a common misconception. Most people prefer to heat only the areas where they spend the most time sitting, such as the countertop overhang. Cooking and food preparations benefit from keeping the rest of your worktop at room temperature.

Heated Countertop Is Undetectable Yet Highly Noticeable Upgrade

Countertop heating mats are ultra-thin (less than nine sheets of paper in thickness) and can custom-fit to your surfaces. A single plug-in cord is included with the heater, which can be tucked discreetly inside your cabinet.

Heated Countertop Is Safe to Use Kitchen countertops in Red Deer are highly safe and will not damage or shatter your stone because they only use 12-24 volts. The mat simply connects into a normal socket and requires no additional cabling.

Food and Coffee Can Be Kept Warm for Longer Durations

Warmer meals and dishes are a common benefit to homeowners who use heated countertops.

There Are Many Health Benefits

People suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint pain have noticed that removing the intense chill from their granite countertops, has significantly improved the comfort of their wrists and arms.

Heated Countertop Is A New Convenient Work from Home Option

Granite is not a surface on which you want to lay your forearms all day, so if your new office has turned into a kitchen island, it’s time to warm up the stone beneath your arms!

Installing Heated Countertop Is Simple

Stick-on heating mats, marketed as a do-it-yourself (DIY) product, are exceptionally simple to install without the assistance of a professional. It’s as easy as peeling, sticking, and plugging it in!

Granite countertops in Edmonton are available at Dittmar Stone & Tile, in varied shapes and sizes, both standard and custom. Under our patent-pending technology of utilizing patterned thin resistive heaters, we offer the only safe alternative for heating countertops and overhangs using a low-voltage power supply. For further information, please call us right now at 403-783-9741.

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