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Terms & Conditions

1 Natural Variation & Colors
All natural stones (granite, marble, limestone, travertine) are products of nature and are subject to variation in color, tonality, shade, flow, veining, grain, spotting and texture and no two pieces will appear exactly the same.

2 Material/ Samples
Dittmar Stone & Tile does not stock any material. Displayed samples or samples provided by Dittmar Stone & Tile are guidance only. Full slabs can be viewed by customer at wholesaler and can be put on hold. Dittmar Stone & Tile will inspect selected slabs for defects/imperfections like prior to purchase (pitting and color variation are not considered a defect).

3 Template/ Installation
All surfaces/cabinets to be templated must be complete, flat and level. Sinks, faucets, gas or electric hobs must be disconnected but available on site. Specifications for freestanding stove, slide in range or cook top must be available at time of template. Dittmar Stone & Tile allows a standard overhang of 1 1/2" from the outside of the cabinet box.
If different overhang is required due to cabinetry, or a different look is desired (contemporary/flush), this has to be pointed out at time of template. Dittmar Stone &Tile uses provided sink templates for under mount cut outs.
If a certain look is required (flush, overhang) this also has to be pointed out at time of template.
At time of install all appliances have to be on site to ensure exact fit. Cabinet drawers should be removed and cabinets empty. We also appreciate clear and direct access to work area.

4 Seams
Due to variation and limitation of slab sizes, in certain projects we will not be able to avoid the use of seams.
If seams are necessary Dittmar Stone & Tile will determine seam placement according to size of slab, project templates and configuration of appliances, suitability to material, structural integrity and practical handling unless otherwise specified. The customer understands that seams cannot be fully hidden and will be visible from certain angles.

5 Estimate/ Quote
Quotations are based on drawings and measurements provided by the customer and are subject to change upon final site measurements. If no specific material was chosen prior to quotation, Dittmar Stone & Tile will use a standard material price and a standard edge. Quotes are valid for 60 days only and must be signed by customer and accompanied by signed Terms and conditions before order. All additions of any kind to the original drawings may result in additional charges.

6 Payment
A 75% down payment on estimated total price is due at time of order/template for all jobs. Remaining balance is due upon installation.
Late payments will incur a 2% interest charge.

Dittmar Stone & Tile accepts payments in cash or cheque only. No debit or credit card payments possible.
Any job priced at $ 500.00 or less, or jobs being picked up and installed by a third person must be paid in full at time of pick up/delivery. Products have to be inspected by customer prior to pick up and signed for to be in good condition.

Dittmar Stone & Tile will not except any claims for damage once the product has left the shop.
The sole property in the goods shall not pass to the customer until Dittmar Stone & Tile has received full cleared payment. Dittmar Stone & Tile reserves the right to attend the customers, or the customers customer premises with no notice, to collect any items that remain unpaid, after the due date has passed. Customers upon receipt of our goods, may not sell our goods on, until Dittmar Stone & Tile has been paid in full. This is our retention of title and the customer agrees to give us a walking possession agreement to collect such goods.

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